Monday, August 3, 2015

New Canadian Online Store:!

Vegans of Canada (and of course anyone else who enjoys vegan food) - we have a new online vegan shop! is based in the mainland, but ships everywhere! They've got many of the common vegan goodies you'd expect, plus ones that are pricey or difficult to find in Victoria, like Miyoko and Vtopian cheeses, Field Roast Chao slices, European Viana veggie meats, Beyond Meat burgers, Sweet & Sara's, and more added weekly!

Check it out!!

Full disclosure: I'm also quite excited to be working for Vegan Supply as well. =) 

Dave Shishkoff, Editor
Twitter: @Victoria_Vegan & @VeganCyclist (personal)
Facebook Discussion Group: /groups/TheVictoriaVegan

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